Clean Minds

To enable ourselves to make good decisions on everything in life, we must first have a clean enough mind to make those decisions with intelligence and care. There are more than a few ways to take care of our minds and this list contains just a few suggestions...

Switch off the TV signal! – include mainstream radio.

Stop reading newspapers – more mass media hype and propaganda.

Start researching – You have a computer and the internet right there are your fingertips. It’s not just for loving funny cats pics!

Start questioning everything – My favorite question is, “Why?” If you ask just that question, a couple of times on the one subject, you can often figure out exactly what is going on.

Seek out some philosophy – Find words about life, love and health minds that resonate with you. Seek out the, “Ah ha!” moments. It’s amazing to me that, finding someone who makes emotional and spiritual sense to you, can turn one’s life around so quickly.

Reject constantly negative people – If this sounds harsh to you, you are probably a person who needs to heed this advice more than most. Being exposed, constantly, to negativity is a sure fire way to bring you down. When you are negative, you are vibrating at a lower level and it’s hard to achieve anything in that state. Get with the positive, happy, smiley people.

Practice yoga or tai chi – Both of these practices are excellent for achieving the much longed for by many, mindlessness, state of bliss. With so much going on in life, and at such breakneck speeds, it’s a mountain off our backs when we can find those precious few minutes each day to yoga or tai chi to get mindless. This is a beautific and blissful state to be in. All anxiety drops away because all thoughts are gone.

Learn the art of turning negatives into positives – An art worth your learning.

Get amongst nature – Do this as often as you possibly can. The uplifting feeling of being among trees and fresh air is energizing and life affirming.

Keep away from WiFi when you can – WiFi signals are a very new but are becoming known as toxic to human brains “Since use of mobile phones is associated with an increased risk for brain tumor after 10 years, a new biologically based guideline is warranted.

Daydream – There is much science behind why daydreaming is a good flush of toxic thoughts for our brains.

Pet a puppy – You both get floods of oxytocin to the brain during the pleasurable act of petting an animal. Thanks puppy!

Read books – Read as many books, across as many genres, as you can get your hands on.

Do a little prepping for peace of mind – It’s always handy to have some extra water, food and medical supplies on hand.

So, as you can see, there is no rational reason why you should run around screaming, “The sky is falling!” because there are a plethora of ways to combat this toxic world.

Little bit by little bit we will take back our world and turn it into something wholesome, natural and beautiful once again.