Are You Still Drinking Tap Water? Stop It Right Now!

Our bodies are 70-80% water so we should reallllly pay attention to the water we put in ourselves, doncha think?!

If you haven't thought about the water that's going into your body until now, don't worry, because you're here now figuring it out. So good on you I say.


water our golden life


Stop drinking tap water NOW – Do you know the source of that water? Have you tracked down the company responsible for the safety of that water and viewed what additives are included? There WILL be some chemicals added, not least of which is chlorine. The worst can be lithium. No kidding!

Only drink filtered rain water – If you have access to a spring or mountain water, definitely use that instead!

water our golden life

Buy a ceramic water purifier – This was my first stop on my journey of natural living, and it should be your very next one. Our bodies are made of 80% water, so the water we put in, really does matter. Get it as clean as you can for drinking.

Use clean water for cooking – Yes, your veges soak up a lot of water that you are putting inside you. Only take cooking water from your ceramic purifier.

Use clean water for making ice cubes – This is something often overlooked when making the switch to clean water. Make sure you ice cubes are made of clean water too.


water our golden life

Use clean water for your pets drinking water – Fido and Kitty want to live too!

Get a pH test kit – This is to check what’s in your rain, mountain, spring and bath water.

Iodine drops for cleaning water - There is much evidence that iodine in your water helps to disinfect it to be ready to drink. It's handy to have some iodine in case of water emergencies.

I hope you now have some good ideas of how you can get your water fit to drink and cook with. We aren't being told the truth about what's in the tap/govt. water so it's a better bet to cleanse our own water before we put it in our bodies.