Clean Food Reset For Life

It’s a gradual process, over many years, that sees our bodies ending up full of toxins. So the initial process of eliminating these built up toxins is usually a medium term project. Yes, you can fast, however, that isn’t for everyone and it's not a full detox.

We need to look towards what we put in our mouths in the name of food...


our golden life organic berries raspberries


Move towards eating only organic – look at labeling for goodness sake! And keep doing so. Early in my journey there was a memorable trip to the supermarket where I discovered that every single packet of those frozen french fries my daughter was still eating at the time, contained canola. It’s times like that that make me advocate for you to start reading labels. I’m positive what you find will shock you.

Start replacing plastic with glass and polyester in your bed linen – Still be wary of claims of BPA free plastic because BPA (Bisphenol-A ) is just one molecule away from Bisphenol-S and that’s what they’re using now instead of the BPA. STILL an endocrine disrupter! When we use plastic for food storage containers, plastic is inevitably leeching into our foods and bodies. Plastic is everywhere. Use glass jars instead.

Look for ethical manufactures of natural, organic products like organic cotton sheets, especially baby’s sheets. Did you know you can even buy baby nappies in organic bamboo? Super soft!

Read all labels – When you do buy processed products to put into or onto your body, please do read the label. I remember checking EVERY frozen chip packet at the supermarket one day, and EVERY one contained canola. Canola the G.M.O. product, no thanks!


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Examine what’s in your beverages – check labels there too.

Avoid eating G.M.O. products – I call them ‘food-like products’ for they are a product of food, not actually food in my opinion.

Grow at least some of your own organic food – Food is free! There’s nothing, zip, zero, zilch better than eating your own food. There are about 58,000 reasons why you should grow your own food. (Click here for a free pack of organic food seeds)

Grow your own organic real medicine – You will figure out which plants love you as you go along. Start with one or two herbs or natural healing plants, and work your way up to a full healing farm-acy as I like to call it.


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Swap with neighbors, friends and family – What better way to foster community spirit and friendships than by feeding each other?

Start a community garden – Again with the community spirit building!

Check out what’s in school lunches – There are often many undesirable choices lurking in the school canteens. Many choices that little Jenny or Johnny are making while you aren’t watching. All you can do with this one is educate your children and be their example.

Keep the holy trinity of essential oils – Oregano, black seed and cannabis oils are your go-to oils that have been used for millennia to treat human ailments.


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Check with your local laws concerning cannabis because, after many decades of prohibition it’s illegal in a lot of places. Thank goodness we are now, slowly but surely, all around the world, being allowed access to this life saving plant.

These are just a few ways of getting access to cleaner food and food based medicines. I'm sure you can think of more!