Journaling - What The Stoics Knew About Writing Down Your Thoughts Every Day

Many people, Stoic or otherwise, have fallen in love with the process of journaling in the centuries since Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus and Seneca led the way for us all. They dedicated themselves to journaling for good reason; it works. It clarifies the mind, provides room for quiet, solitary reflection on the days events, gives one a record of their thoughts over time, and most importantly it gives us a way to dissect our behavior to see where we can do better in our lives.

Marcus Aurelius


In Stoicism the art of journaling is more than that, more than just writing a simple diary. This daily practice of journaling is the basic philosophy. Reflecting on the day just lived and preparing for the day ahead. Reminding oneself of the wisdom we have learned from our teachers, from our reading, from our own experiences.

It’s not enough to simply live these lessons. Instead, you need to turn them over in your mind and write them down and feel them flowing through your fingers onto the page in the act of writing. This gives you a chance to examine life from every angle, figuring out what you did right and how you can improve, on a daily basis.

In addition, we humans have 2 types of health to look after; our physical health and our mental health. While the many avenues to physical health are well explored, our mental health is a little trickier to look after. Journaling is one of those stupid-simple brain remedies that everyone with a pen and paper has access to. Journaling is also one of the most natural methods that we have to attain better mental health.

Journal writing helps you to maintain your mental fitness by allowing your brain to work out and work through all the stuff that happened during the day. Then, you can LET.IT.GO. (mentally, let it go, as in: release that stuff right out of your head!)

There is much to be said for journaling every day. Clearer thought processes, better quality decision making, deeper sleep and a calmer mind can all be attributed to working out your thoughts with your mind by writing them down.

You don't need to use punctuation, know where a capital goes in a sentence or to be able to perform linguistics of any kind. Nope, just use your hand to let your brain kind of 'dribble' out the end of your fingers. It matters not what it looks like or whether it makes sense. Heck, I rarely even go back to read mine, ha! It's just soooo therapeutic to just madly scribble out all the 'stuff' inside the brain.

It always gives me a sigh of relief to have it out of me. For me, it's better than talking to a friend for many reasons, the most important being that I can scribble all day long and no one gets upset. Like many people, I change my mind often and if any friend heard in a conversation what I write in my journal, well, that friend might get upset at my rambling, often incoherent thoughts. Those thoughts, that don't mean anything anyway, don't need to define my friendships. Why upset a friend when you can just scribble ya guts out on paper and burn or throw that paper away?

Writing by hand stimulates and trains the brain in a way digital communication doesn’t. 



If you've decided that the Stoic's were right and you want to reduce stress, boost immune function and set your life heading in the right direction by journaling then you're going to need a great quality journal.

Secure your daily thoughts for future generations or just scribble, scribble, scribble with a view to destroying the whole thing bonfire style. Either way, you'll need something fancy to work with, doncha think?

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