Clean Air To Breathe???

It’s hard to find a pure air environment that we are happy to breathe deeply in these days. With all the VOC’s indoors and smog and geoengineering outside, where can we pull a breath of fresh air from if we don’t live in the countryside?


Image by Mrexentric from Pixabay a little eye candy for those stuck in the city :)


The air is polluted in very many ways. Smog from cars, pollution from industry and just what is that smear of grey in the sky most days? Let's explore a few ways to help our personal air pollution.

All we've really got to rely on in the fight against air pollution is mitigation and the best way to mitigate against air pollution is with air purifiers (of course!)

Air purifiers – Get multiple air purifiers if you can. When buying an air purifier, make sure to check it’s square meter coverage against the space you want it to purify. Be sure to buy one that covers a larger area that the one you want purified, to achieve a good level of clean air saturation. Two air purifiers, one placed at either end of the house means that they overlap and you get the complete coverage. These are especially useful if you live in a city. Shut your windows, turn on the air conditioner, turn on your air purifiers and the city smog is no longer any problem for your lungs and the rest of your body. There are also salt lamps which are purported to purify the air but I'm not sure how effective they are? I do know that a salt inhaler is great for clearing congestion of the lungs, so perhaps there is something good going on with the salt lamps?


Another stunning nature image, full of oxygen, just for you! Image by Igor Schubin from Pixabay

Avoid the cities – This one is obvious; more cars = more pollution = cough cough. Not a good thing for our bodies. If you can’t avoid the city, keep reading because you are the one that needs the air purification methods the most. If you simply cannot avoid the city then you need to protect yourself the best you can and I recommend detoxing protocols for you, at least every few months. Protect yourself with the air purifiers while you are inside. Outside presents another problem altogether, however, if you are detoxing regularly and eating real, healthy food, then your body should be able to cope with the pollution of the city. For the medium to long term, I recommend planning your escape from the city.

Buy gas masks – It might sound a bit wild, but have you seen the recent pictures coming out of places like China and Malaysia? They are two places where I would seriously consider wearing a gas mask outside.

Those little white masks you see those people using, do little to protect the respiratory system of the body. Gas masks have charcoal filters that last for four hours. Plenty of time to get clear of any serious air pollution when required.


Tomasz Mikołajczyk from Pixabay


As you can see from the picture, using gas masks is not an unheard of practice.

Keep your smoke detectors clean and working – Most people that die in house fires do so from smoke inhalation, not burns.

Shut your doors and windows in times of heavy pollution – Then crank up the air purifiers. This one might sound like common sense, but I do recall a serious blonde moment years ago, where I left the windows open during a dust storm. Yes, the house was full of the dust. Let's not mention that again, eh? lol Thanks. Moving on...


More nature goodness for your enjoyment! - Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Get a car air purifier – Protect yourself in your car. If you regularly sit in traffic for hours on end, I implore you to go buy a car purifier, right now. They are around 50 bucks and worth every penny in gridlock.

Grow Plants – We breathe out the carbon dioxide that they breathe in. They breathe out our much needed, clean oxygen. Bring some plants inside to pump pure oxygen into your house.


Houseplants don’t have to be boring! - Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay


Use a sealed shade house if you can – This will protect your food crops from pollutants in the air and in turn, keep those pollutants out of your body.


You don’t need to go this fancy (this is sooo cool!… or is it warm? lol) Image by MoneyforCoffee from Pixabay


I hope you have found some useful tips that you are about to stand right up and go put into use NOW? (sorry, not sorry lol)

Have a fab day!  Wilson Joseph from Pixabay